Yahoo Hacked!

By October 4, 2016October 14th, 2016Cyber Security

The confirmation from Yahoo about the hack on August 1st, exposing information for 200 Million users is yet another example of that Wild-Wild-West we call the Internet.  Everyone needs to be proactive in safeguarding banking and personal information as well as updating account passwords.

These hacks may result in identity theft, credit card fraud, or even exposing the victim’s embarrassing personal information on the Web.  The Yahoo hack is a serious leak of information, but not the only leak in recent years.  Hackers are targeting anyone and everyone these days so users need vigilance in protecting their personal information and must comply with employer’s security requirements to keep their data safe.  It’s not just your credit card, it could even be your job, should your employer get hacked.

Be safe!  Use password vaults (such as KeePass), change your password frequently, avoid dictionary words, make passwords complex (letter, number, special character), don’t reuse a password for different accounts, and more.  Also, keep your anti-virus software up to date and check for malware frequently (we suggest Malwarebytes).

For additional tips, please contact Netrique at any time. For more information on creating safer passwords, visit our blog post on creating a safer password.

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