About Us Overview

We are your Virtual IT Department.

Netrique is an Information Technology provider offering high-quality IT services and solutions for small to mid-size businesses. We manage, maintain and support your IT infrastructure.

Though many of today’s businesses operate and are connected to the global Internet, they are as unique as the individuals who run them. Our support programs are flexible and configurable enabling us to tailor the needs that are unique to your business. Please contact our service professionals for assistance at: info@netrique.com.

About Us Overview

Limited IT resources? Growing your IT?
Netrique can help!

Over its 18 year history, Netrique has focused on and maintained lasting relationships with its customers by providing excellent service, flexibility, and a deep understanding of the customer’s business model. Though businesses of all sizes and business models can benefit from Netrique services, those with limited IT resources or multiple locations stand to benefit most. These businesses are in the small to mid-size category, with needs beyond in-house expertise or staffing levels.

Netrique maintains a global network
of skilled IT professionals ready to help
guide your business wherever it takes you.

Netrique is also able to assist many of our customers by extending their existing in-house IT resources. Because of Netrique’s scalability and professional network of IT professionals, partners and service providers, customers are able to leverage high quality IT solutions and support to meet their needs from Main Street to around the globe.

Please contact our service professionals: info@netrique.com

Choose Netrique for your IT Management

One Company, multiple solutions, keeping your Enterprise on Course.