Cloud Solutions Overview

Netrique makes growing your business easy by migrating your data to the cloud seamlessly. Networking, staying connected, all with the security you desire, has never been easier.

Migrating your business to the cloud makes possible on-demand access to your shared file resources. No more disperate files residing on different devices. Access resources, share information, and collaborate from anywhere. Your enterprise has access to your digital assets all in one secure place. The value proposition for you and your customers is greatly enhanced. Trust Netrique to help bring your Enterprise into the 21st Century.

Don’t let your walls limit your business
from reaching its full potential.

The Cloud is big. Practically limitless. And, it has matured to a secure, fully featured infrastructure with a pay-as-you-go model, saving enterprises from the high cost of major up-front IT investments on cutting-edge technology. Unlike In-house server infrastructure, Cloud eliminates on-going hardware support and periodic upgrades.

Transitioning into cloud solutions has become
relatively effortless and can also be quick
to complete.

Many of Netrique’s Cloud solutions offer trials and easy migration paths. Clients can select Solutions ala-cart style and test drive. When ready for deployment, some of these solutions can be run in parallel, while others offer migration tools for easy transition. Explore Netrique’s Cloud solutions and select what’s right for your business.

Choose Netrique for your IT Management

One Company, multiple solutions, keeping your Enterprise on Course.