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Toll FREE: +1 800 590 7447
Telephone: +1 925 828 4960

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Toll FREE: +1 800 590 7447
Telephone: +1 925 828 4960

Proactive Service and Support Program

Our support programs are designed to save you money and lost productivity. Programs vary from basic IT support services for small businesses to complete managed and 24×7 support services to customers with locations anywhere in the world. Please contact our service professionals for assistance at:

Assurance Managed Services

This is Netrique’s most valuable and complete maintenance services program. Managed service begins by monitoring systems and resolving issues before they impact your business and may include our comprehensive proactive maintenance program.

Proactive Maintenance Program

In addition to automated monitors and alerts, trends are evaluated and tailored solutions are engineered and implemented. Response time is shortened with remote support options. Proactive Maintenance Services: Maintenance begins with an assessment. Netrique engineers will inventory and evaluate your IT infrastructure, generate reports and specifications, evaluate needed solutions. The level of support may be determined and engineers may standardize and stabilize IT functionality.

Tasks are performed as outlined in the Systems/Maintenance Program and provide documentation related to the technical aspects of your network and computing equipment. Maintenance is that which maintains the current working environment. Projects may include hardware and software upgrades, changes to topology, and addition of new software or hardware.

Maintenance logs are maintained for the customer to review. These logs contain vital information about the client’s network and are a time saver during repairs and maintenance visits.

Support Programs

Though today’s businesses operate and are connected to the global Internet, they are as unique as the individuals who run them. Our support programs are flexible and configurable to conform to the needs of your unique business. Please contact our service professionals for assistance at: