Help Desk

Our Help Desk makes it simple to manage your company’s IT, get answers to questions quickly, assess problems, troubleshoot, solve issues and provide technical assistance

In today’s technologically driven landscape, we realize that timely customer service with regards to the planning, implementation and support of your organization’s IT infrastructure is critical and paramount to your business’s success. We provide you the guidance and technical support to solve problems and to also steer clear of them.

Our client’s experience is centric to all
that we do. Our capable staff will answer
all issues and resolve problems

When you reach our Help Desk via our website, phone or email we will provide technical support for hardware or software.  Our capable and resourceful support team will either solve the problem directly or escalate the problem to our Senior Engineers. Netrique’s ticketing system provides the means to log and track problems until solved.

Help Desk resources and tools are
within easy reach

Computer users that have configuration problems or usage questions that are too difficult to diagnose
and fix over the phone, can take advantage of Netrique’s remote assistance tools.  In seconds,
users anywhere in the world can allow our support team with them on their computer’s desktop
and solve the problem or answer usage questions.

We resolve your company’s IT issues

Netrique meets your business needs with expert, problem-solving management
ensuring timely, cost-effective resolutions to your IT issues.