Project Management

Experience ensures a successful project.
Netrique understands how businesses can leverage mobile, cloud, security and upcoming IT technologies to keep your projects on course and on-time.

At Netrique we work out the best way to assess, prioritize, initiate, plan and execute your IT project. We determine scope and assign necessary resources, set expectations and project milestones. We deploy the required IT infrastructure for your business and resolve any and all issues stemming from problems or enhancements in firmware, databases, network security, to storage; disaster recovery and testing.

We listen to your IT needs and expectations
and work with you to keep your business
competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Netrique consultants and engineers listen attentively to your needs and expectations.We can oversee projects for software development, hardware installations, network upgrades, cloud computing and virtualization, business analytics, data management projects and IT services implementation.  Anything and everything to take your business to the next level and keep you competitive.

The shared experience of the Netrique team enables customers to look beyond
simply defining, executing and completing specific projects.

We help you look at a problem from all sides and expand
the possibilities for a successful resolution.

  • Problem – define the customer’s goals and limitations and look for the competitive advantage.
  • Solution – define solutions to solve the problem beyond the near term.
  • Plan – identify the needed steps to reach a successful project conclusion.
  • Execute – follow the plan, but allow it to shift to project planning as needed for a timely and economical conclusion.
  • Monitor – review the project for time, cost, scope, quality risk and other factors.
  • Close – Closure is important to ensure that all of the work has been completed.

Choose Netrique for your IT Management

One Company, multiple solutions, keeping your Enterprise on Course.