Cloud Data Storage

Level the playing field—Data storage in the Cloud allows your business to remain flexible and scale efficiently. View your files from any phone, tablet, or computer connected to the internet.

No matter what device you choose, get fast, easy access to digital documents, project plans, presentations and videos. Always have the latest pitch for your customers, on or offline. You can automatically sync files between the Cloud and your computer using Sync tools. Administrators can maintain a central view of all content and users in their account through an admin console.

Key Benefits
The benefits of working with data securely
in the cloud are many. Here are just a few:

  • Secure file collaboration across multiple computers, mobile devices and the cloud.
  • Mirror feature allows data on existing servers to extend to the cloud.
  • Manage collaboration permissions from one central location.
  • Instantly create shared folders and control what each person has access to.
  • Multi-platform Support for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows phones.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to data in private or public clouds.

How it Works
Cloud Data service providers store your
company’s data in logical pools of
physical storage that spans multiple
servers (and often locations)…

The providers are responsible for keeping data available and accessible, and the physical environment protected and running at all times. Cloud storage is generally more affordable because providers distribute the costs of their infrastructure and services across multiple businesses. The cost of hardware and maintenance are eliminated when you move your business to the cloud. This translates into substantial cost savings.

Allow your business to remain flexible
and scale efficiently.

By unleashing the massive infrastructure available
from Cloud providers, your business can scale
at will quickly without a major investment.
You can expand your workforce as
users may work from home,
airport, golfing, or
entertaining a client.

Businesses can support multiple devices
(cell phone, tablets, and laptop and
desktop computers) with assurance
that critical data is protected.
Data is automatically saved
beyond any local system and
synced through the cloud.

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