PG&E may shut off power for nearly 1 million residents in central, Northern California

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PG&E may shut off power for nearly 1 million residents in central, Northern California.  Are you ready for a power outage? Have a plan for your home and business during a power outage. Make sure you, your family and employees (and customers) are safe. Have an emergency kit accessible for you and your employees. Check…

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Netrique Has Acquired HBS Consulting

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I am pleased to announce that Netrique has acquired HBS Consulting, a San Rafael based Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a leader in small business IT consulting in the region. The acquisition is favorable for North-Bay customers of each of these companies, as the new resources can deliver exceptional capabilities and response. I want to…

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Levels of Preparation

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  When it comes to cyber security, the ability to recover from a breach is arguably much more important than your ability to prevent one. Statistics show that, over a business’ lifespan, that business WILL be the victim of a cyberattack. Recently, professionals have become concerned about the vulnerability of our country’s infrastructure – such…

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Preparing For Business

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Preparing For Business   Businesses today require the right tools for the job, just as they always have. However, it is important to learn just what tools they might be, and confusion and misinformation abounds when it comes to IT solutions and tools. Familiarizing yourself with your options and potential solutions to your business needs…

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WannaCry and Randomware

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On the 12th of May 2017, a worldwide cyber attack struck everywhere from Britain’s national health service to FedEx. The attack, dubbed “WannaCry”, was a ransomware strike that used a back door in Windows to gain access to the targeted computers. The attack was so widespread and so immediate, that many companies simply ordered their…

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