Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update

Windows 10’s fall creators update has started to roll out to customers, and comes with a slew of new features for productivity both in and out of the workplace. In this post, I’ll be highlighting some of the biggest ones, as well as give you a few heads up on which features will be most useful to any given user.


My People

Arguably the most useful productivity upgrade, you can now pin members of your contact’s list to your taskbar for quick access. You can also use this feature to quickly send files to these contacts by dragging the appropriate file from your Explorer window to the pinned contact.



Windows 10 now comes pre-equipped with ransomware protection. Unlike conventional ransomware protection we have discussed in this blog, the Windows Defender Exploit Guard prevents changes to files from unrecognized programs or outside users, such as those accessing your computer via the internet. In addition, Windows Defender Antivirus has recieved a number of internal upgrades to help it catch dangerous files before they cause any damage. Both of these upgrades were made in the wake of major outbreak events like WannaCry with the intention of avoiding such catastrophes in the future.


OneDrive On-Demand

OneDrive has gotten an upgrade as well, allowing users to access their OneDrive files without needing to wait for a download each time you want to syncronize the files and without filling disk space. You can now specify files that you can access even when you do not have access to the internet.


Continue on PC

Windows 10 now supports a new feature which will allow you to forward websites, searches, documents, and more that you’ve accessed on your android or IOS device so you can continue uninterrupted on your PC.



Windows now supports dictate text, which will allow the user to use speech recognition to type (provided you have a microphone of course). Ask your local IT professional if you’re interested, as using it can require some setup beforehand.


These are just a few of the new features available in the Windows 10 creators update. For the most part, things will continue to run as normal, but for those of you interested in any of these new features, I highly suggest asking your IT professional about how you can use them to improve your work experience.

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