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Widespread Website Leak Caused by Known “CloudBleed” Flaw

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Earlier this month, a security bug has leaked usernames and passwords from roughly 3,400 websites, including popular services like Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid, and 1Password. The bug, now being referred to as “CloudBleed”, is found in cybersecurity company Cloudflare’s security suite. It would essentially vomit user information, potentially including usernames, passwords, private messages, chat messages, and…

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Troubling Phishing Trend

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More phone phishing attempts A troubling trend has been sweeping the internet and IT security spheres. Sources estimate an increase of as much as 250% in 2016, following an information leak by Dell and several other technology leaders, scammers have been calling customers’ phones claiming to be from Tech Support and requesting that customers give…

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Yahoo Hacked!

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The confirmation from Yahoo about the hack on August 1st, exposing information for 200 Million users is yet another example of that Wild-Wild-West we call the Internet.  Everyone needs to be proactive in safeguarding banking and personal information as well as updating account passwords. These hacks may result in identity theft, credit card fraud, or…

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