Remote Applications

Expand your business beyond your wall with hosted Remote Applications from Netrique. Work virtually anywhere accessing the tools you need. Remote support anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Remote Apps enable users to access Business Applications while working productively using practically any device from anywhere in the world, without the risk of combining personal and corporate data. Located in Netrique’s datacenters, your Business Applications are delivered fast using RemoteApp technology.

Remove the barriers that challenge
multi-location businesses that use
centralized applications.

By enabling business applications for remote accessibility, businesses with multiple offices or a mobile workforce will greatly improve the user experience over traditional in-housed applications.  We offer solutions for hosting many off-the-shelf applications, from Remote Desktop and Office software to accounting applications and collaboration tools.  Remote Applications empower users to stay productive while on the go anywhere in the world.

Publish applications and centrally
manage remote clients with ease.

By delivering virtual desktops to any device, Administrators can centrally manage the remote user environment on the host servers. Never mind that your users may be using anything from legacy operating systems (Windows XP) to the latest flavor, the user environment will remain consistent, extending the life of your hardware and software.  Businesses small and large can mitigate the risks by keeping all corporate data on their server.

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